And what does the LORD require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God. Micah 6:8

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


So here is the t shirt. My friend Anson used the saying "Send me to World" as his blog title and I asked if I could steal it. He said yes :) (Thanks Anson!!) Its actually from a song. Isaiah (The willing) by a band called For Today. Its pretty intense. So warning to non-screamo fans...don't listen to it. haha
Then my awesome artistic brother Josh designed the front of the shirt. Doesn't it look awesome!?
And I put together the actual shirt and color combination using I took on the hardest job...not haha.
Anyways. Here is the t-shirt. I'm super pumped about it. If you want one (or two or three...), shoot me an email ( with your size. If you click here you can see a sizing chart. The shirts are 100% cotton, but they have been pre-shrunk. I'm asking for a minimum donation of $15 for each t-shirt. If you don't live at Olivet you can send me the money via snail mail (420 Dale St Flushing, MI 48433) and I will mail it to you when they come in (If I am mailing it to you, please keep that in mind for the donation). The only other stipulation is that I will not give you your t-shirt until your donation has been given...its not that I don't trust you. It will just make life much easier for me.
AND if you want to sell some...let me know! I have a poster that I can email you and you can put up the poster wherever. Or if you're really high tech you can post the link to this website on your facebook, twitter, whatever else is technologically in style :)
Peace and love y'all!

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  1. who is Anson? that guy must listen to good Music, Cuz I love that Song!