And what does the LORD require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God. Micah 6:8

Sunday, March 20, 2011

graduation gifts and Faith.

Yesterday I was in the library working on a paper when my mom called. She informed me that my parents wanted to buy me a graduation gift! :) Awesomeness. Now my first reaction was to ask them to give me money for my trip (because that's what I need right now haha) but mom stopped that thought in its track and told me that they wanted it to be a gift on top of what they give me for my trip. But my mom did say I could get something that I need for my trip...which got the gears in my mind turning.
As I thought about it the rest of the night, I realized that one of the things that I need for my trip is a backpack. Like a big hiking backpack that I can fit as much as possible into because that's the only bag I'm allowed to bring. And I love the outdoors and hiking and camping and bouldering so really...its more than just an awesome gift for this trip. Being the non-impulsive buyer that I am I decided to peruse the Internet and check out prices. Naturally, the first stop on my wilderness equipment journey was on REI's website (the world's coolest store.) and I found a couple I liked. I was going to end my perusing there but Liz (my best friend) told me about this other website that sells discounted camping equipment. I decided to check it out. And found this jewel.
Isn't it a beauty? It was in my parent's price range (which made it even better!) I was just going to sleep on it and tell my parents about it today but a huge flashing red bulletin at the top of the page caught my eye. 20% off any purchase made before midnight. OMGoodness. When you're looking at an expensive hiking backpack (which by the way is a Mountain Hardware pack weighs only 3lbs 8oz and holds 50 liters) that saves a LOT of money. I decided to text my mom to see if she was still awake. She was. Thank goodness she's an avid reader :) And she gave me the okay and well...I made an impulsive buy. AHH! But now I'm really reallly reallllly excited about it. Happy Graduation to me! And thanks mom and dad...for everything :)
And that brings us to now. I'm avoiding homework. But also thinking about my trip. Its so crazy to think that in a year I will be back in the United States after being overseas for over six months! I am so excited to see what God has in store for me. But I definitely have been getting worried lately. How in the world am I going to raise $10,000 in less than 6 months? How am I going to be able to afford the travel insurance that I need? What am I going to do for the week over Christmas that I have off? What am I going to do when I get back to the States? Am I being irresponsible?
Now I know for most of you, you are questioning my passion or questioning my desire to go overseas. But I can assure you that's not it. I know deep down in my soul this is where God is leading me. Its just difficult for me to trust in things that are unseen. Which is what faith is. So if you're reading this blog as a means of knowing how to pray for me. Pray for faith. Faith like a child. Not like a 21 year old intellectual. Help me to trust. Because God is definitely doing things differently than I had planned. But that's how it usually goes. And its always better in the end :)
So here's to new backpacks and having faith.
Peace and love.

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  1. Hey Katie, just a word of encouragement. When you're doing work that God has called you to do, he's not going to leave you hanging when it comes to making it happen. He gives you a mission and then he prepares you.

    Bill Hybels, in his book on prayer, says that when we pray, we should not focus on the size of the obstacles in our way, but on the size of our God. $10k is such a tiny thing to God that you can be sure he can and will do what is necessary, and grow your faith in the process.