And what does the LORD require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God. Micah 6:8

Monday, July 23, 2012

This is Real Life.

I realize I haven't written on here in a while, but this is a story that began way back in March and I have seen God's provision come to fruition so I feel that i must share.

Back in March, during our debrief time in New Zealand (post-Israel, but pre-Cambodia), God gave me a vision to have an apartment when I came back to the States. At the time, I was a little taken back because I already had been given the oppurtunity to live at my best friend's parents' house, but I had a really strong sense that it was God's voice so I continued praying about it. The more I prayed about it, the more certain I was that Liz and I were supposed to get our own place. But not just any old place, a place to welcome people into, a place of escape, a place of God's tangible presence. Kind of like the atmosphere at the base in Oxford just in a different context. Anyways, I shared the vision with Liz and she was all in. She began to search for apartments and I continued to pray (not as diligently as I am proud of...but I did continue to keep it in my prayers). As she searched, I began to get a little discouraged because the apartments we were looking at were not that nice and (being in Chicago) were not really even in our price range. As I prayed about it more, I felt like we weren't supposed to rent any apartment that would be more than $750 (which for those of you that are not from around pretty much non-existent...especially if you want the apartment to be in decent, hospitality-worthy condition). So I put it in God's hands.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago...In early July, I recieved an email from the graduate school I am going to be attending in the fall offering different off campus housing opportunities for Trinity grad students only. I forwarded the email to Liz (because we all know she is more proactive than I am anyways) and she texted me back later that day saying that there was a lake house for rent for...get this...$750 a month. Now at first I was incredibly hesitant. A lake house? Really? For only $750 a month? What is it? A cardboard box? A tent? As we did more research, the ad said that it was a 2 bedroom, 1 bath, full kitchen house, and it was indeed on a lake. I called the owner that night expressing our interest in renting the house and he told me that they had just purchased the house and they were planning to do some work on it before they let renters move in. It still seemed way too good to be true, but we set up an appointment to see the house anyway. Well, folks, let me tell you. It is too good and it is true! Our friend Megan is going to be living with us as well, so now we have a LAKE HOUSE...on a lake...a big one...that you can go swimming in...and it is $750 split three ways (not just two like we were originally planning). The house was renovated in 2006 so it has relatively new flooring and windows. It has a dishwasher, a full kitchen, a deck overlooking the lake, a shed, and three parking spots (one for each of us :) ). Side story...when we were at the house with the owners I got SUPER nervous when I wanted to confirm the price. I thought for sure it was a it was supposed to be $1,750 a month or something. I was really awkward and finally just asked what the price was and it really is only $750 a month. It was funny. I was so awkward (slap forehead in embarassment.)

Each time I tell this story to people I am more and more overwhelmed by God's providence. God always fulfills His promises to us. And this one was literally WAY beyond my wildest dreams. I am so thankful for God's abundant provision even in the midst of my doubt. God is so good. So so good.

Here's a few photos so you believe me.

The lake house :)

Living Room going into Kitchen


Kitchen 2!

1 Bedroom!

2 Bedrooms!


Shower in the Bathroom!

View of the lake from our deck :)

Back porch!

View of the house from the lake!

Peace. Love. and...Provision.


  1. Oh my goodness, Katie!! It's SO gorgeous!!

  2. Thanks :) :) :) Please visit anytime!!

  3. I'm coming!!!! Place looks awesome!! God is soo good!

  4. this looks lovely! what a safe haven for people to find peace and lots of love! yay!!

  5. Boy of Boy does God love you! :) LOOOOOOOVE His provision :)