And what does the LORD require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God. Micah 6:8

Saturday, January 28, 2012

What I have been learning lately!

I have gotten into the habit of neglecting contractions since I am speaking English in a country where English is not the first language of most of the people I come into contact with. As I wrote the title of this blog entry I had to laugh that I wrote "I have" instead of  "I've"...but it's probably a good sign of assimilation into the culture right? :)
Papa has been teaching me a lot lately and it's really cool to reflect on all that I have been learning. One really awesome thing that He has done is spoken to me about the verse that my blog is named after (Micah's written at the top of my blog). I didn't even realize it until the other day I journaling about the lessons I'm learning and He reminded me of this verse! So I'm going to share my thoughts on that verse...I hope you enjoy :)
Walk humbly- Papa has been teaching me so much about this specifically throughout JdTS! 2 Corinithians 12 is all about being used in our weakness and it is a passage that Papa keeps drawing me back to over and over again. Humility isn't being weak; it is acknowledging weakness and allowing Him to use you in spite of them. BUT humility is more than just acknowledging weakness; it is realizing your strengths are a gift from Papa meant to be used for His glory. The minute I begin to seek approval of my gifts is the minute I begin taking steps backwards, away from Papa's holiness.
Back in October when our speaker Dalton spoke he reminded us that there is one prayer that Papa will always answer because it can never be selfish. Put simply that prayer is the prayer to be more holy. One really important aspect of holiness is humility.
Humble me L0rd. This is my prayer.
Love mercy-This part of the verse is one I will have to be a bit more vague about, but it is definitely a lesson Papa is continually reminding me of. You know that passage that talks about forgiving someone 7 times 70 times. That's difficult. But that's mercy isn't it? Forgiving someone over and over again even though they don't deserve it at all. And loving your enemies? It is a bit backwards but if you are ever going to be able to love mercy, you must learn to love your enemies. I think how you treat your enemies is the best gauge on your faith and personally, that is sometimes a really scary thought. I'm learning that in the moments where all I want to do is treat someone how they "deserve" to be treated, I have to desperately pr@y for wisdom and patience and most of all...mercy.
Act justly-This part of the verse has stood out to me for obvious reasons. It is the reason I chose to name my blog after this verse, but when I began this journey over a year ago I thought Papa would teach me how to act justly by teaching me more about justice. Although learning about justice is certainly important, it is not the only thing that Papa has taught me about acting justly. I'm currently reading a book called "Justice" by Shelley Hundley and it has been really challenging! I highly recommend it! Through that book, Papa has shown me that in order to act justly I have to know J3sus as Judge. If I don't know J3sus as Judge then as I strive to be more like Him there is a huge group of characteristics that I won't be growing in, namely acting justly. That may sound weird but to better illustrate the point I am going to share with you a prayer that Shelley wrote in her book,
"J3sus, I want to know You as my Judge. Heal the broken and wounded places in my heart by revealing Yourself to me as the One who fights for me and will avenge the wrong done. Thank you, L0rd, for hearing my cry and knowing my sorrow. You love justice and will not forsake Your beloved ones. You are mighty to save, and the day of vengeance is in Your heart. You are a jealous Bridegroom who fights for His bride. Let this truth transform my heart and mind, and bring me more comfort, peace, and joy than I ever imagined possible. Thank You, L0rd, for being my Deliverer and my soon coming King. In J3sus' name. Amen."
Peace and love :)
I love this song by Norah Jones and reminds me of my prayer...

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